Respect comes first


Sustainable agriculture

Since 1970, we have been committed to using production methods which respect the environment and we were pioneers in applying integrated pest management (IPM) production methods, that is, an agricultural production system which respects the environment and the health of consumers.

Sustainable agriculture involves:

  • applying agricultural techniques that respect the environment and biodiversity;
  • using innovative products with a low environmental impact and organic origin;
  • using no GMO crop species;
  • applying measures which protect the soil through organic fertilisation and crop rotation;
  • reducing energy consumption and using renewable energy sources;
  • conserving and protecting water resources;
  • optimising the use of all agricultural resources.

Integrated production is achieved by applying systems and methods of defence and production, as set out by national guidelines, by applying specific controls for each crop species.

Our commitment to sustainable agriculture continues through close collaboration with field activities and the major organised retail distribution chains, establishing, on a joint basis, production quality standards with a view to eco-sustainability.