We take care over
our products


Quality is a value shared by our farmers,
collaborators and Customers:

  • quality standards are set by our Quality Group based upon the requirements of the Customer and the characteristics of the crops and production areas;
  • we constantly monitor our production partners by providing support, assistance and technical and agronomic consultancy;
  • we constantly monitor our fruit and vegetable products through field records, pre-harvest analyses and product checks upon delivery.

Villafrut guarantees quality through the Group’s Quality Management System and also
guarantees product traceability.

Villafrut holds the following certfications:

Villafrut is an associate of Global G.a.p. for food quality and safety throughout the chain.

On 14 November 2013 Villafrut received the "Merit Award" Certificate of Excellence given to companies that have excelled for efficiency from the perspective of the quality and management applied.
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