punctual, flexible and organised


Villafrut delivers its products directly to Customers, guaranteeing punctuality.

Logistics has become a strongpoint for Villafrut thanks to:

  • direct control of vehicles which allows their position to be ascertained in real time;
  • logistics organisation: Villafrut, in fact, uses its subsidiary company Villatrans specialising in the transportation of temperature-controlled products in Europe;
  • its utmost availability and flexibility for Customers: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day;
  • the location of its main warehouse being in Villafontana (Verona; northern Italy), at the crossroads of two strategic European corridors;
  • computerised warehouse movement with the SSCC system..

A for B delivery in 1 day

A for C delivery in 2 days

A for D delivery in 3 days