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Two histories. One future

Switzerland, the 1930s

Dino and Adele Iseppi-Biancotti ran a farm estate in Valposchiavo with apple producing land in Valtellina (Italy). So began the initial activity of importing fruit, across the Bernina Pass, into Engadina (Switzerland) which, in 1960, gave life to Iseppi & Co., today Iseppi Frutta S.A., also known as Gruppo Iseppi.

Italy, the 1960s

Giacomo Falzi, a fruit and vegetable trader from Rizza di Alpo (Verona), started collaborating with Renato Iseppi, Dino Iseppi’s son. Later, in 1984, they established Villafrut, a company dedicated to exporting fruit and vegetables to European retail chains.


Villafrut, with its aggregate and controlled production, supplies fruit and vegetables and manages logistics for the major large-scale retail chains in Europe. It thereby contributes to developing sustainable agriculture and to people’s well-being.